“We needed a publisher with special talents and skill, one that was familiar with the exacting standards of archival academic medical publications.  Multimed stood above all alternatives as the single publisher most able to meet our publication requirements”
~Michael D. Mills
Editor-In-Chief Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics (2005 - 2008)

Customer Service

In conjunction with database and financial management, Multimed Inc. will handle all customer service for your members.  We can be the main point of contact for your society through mail at our permanent office address, or through email, toll-free phone or fax.  We respond to all queries from members professionally and efficiently; our staff prides itself on being knowledgeable regarding all aspects of our societies and journals and being able to help as quickly and proficiently as possible. 

We also have the tools to do print and email campaigns to keep your members up to date with announcements and news, and we will coordinate and distribute membership campaigns to attract new members and ensure renewals.  Along with general queries and customer service, we will also perform survey distribution, collection and analysis to get feedback from your membership.

For more information on how Multimed Inc. can help provide your membership with prompt, expert customer service, please contact us.