“We needed a publisher with special talents and skill, one that was familiar with the exacting standards of archival academic medical publications.  Multimed stood above all alternatives as the single publisher most able to meet our publication requirements”
~Michael D. Mills
Editor-In-Chief Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics (2005 - 2008)

Meet the Online Publishing Team

Jill Torigian, President

Jill first embraced the Open Journal System’s platform back in 2003 with Multimed’s first OJS client, the Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.  Jill quickly realized that the software would meet the needs of scholarly publications by being both user-friendly and economical.  Through Jill’s leadership and vision, Multimed has developed an expertise in publishing by using OJS with a continuously expanding client base.  Jill oversees all publications, including Current Oncology, published with a unique model that includes a printed journal. Jill’s expertise also includes society management and utilizing various publication platforms, such as HighWire Press and Scholarone.  With over 25 years’ experience in the traditional publishing environment, as well as online and open access models; Jill has an expertise with marketing strategies to ensure your journal is strategically positioned in the scholarly environment. Coupled with a commitment to business development, client relations, and corporate management, Jill ensures the Multimed team surpasses client expectations.
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Heather Shand Heather Shand, Project Manager

Heather has worked with OJS since 2003 and is able to collaborate with clients to identify their needs, and implement publishing strategies.  Heather stays up- to-date with current technologies and is dedicated to finding best practice solutions, features and customizations that will improve your journal.  Her expertise ranges from e-Commerce solutions to subscription modules to online advertising to scholarly databases. She will be with your journal team through every step of the development process and for the exchange of ideas post development as well.
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Laura Hope Laura Hope, Project Manager

Laura has worked with OJS since 2003.  Laura’s expertise consists of aligning journal policies and author guidelines with the OJS environment, including implementation of author fees.  She is also proficient in open access/copyright policies and scholarly databases. Laura is always looking for ways to streamline the submission and peer-review process for authors, reviewers and editors.  Laura will work with your journal team during the initial development stages to your first published issue. She is also here to help you with any questions you may have once your journal is launched.
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Amanda ShandAmanda Shand, Project Coordinator and Developer

Amanda is the creator and developer of our journal websites on the OJS platform.  She also is the main point of contact for all support related questions from editors, authors and reviewers.  Amanda is able to create functional and visually attractive journal websites using the OJS framework. Amanda works closely with your journal team to ensure that each issue is published on schedule with optimal publishing quality.
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