“We needed a publisher with special talents and skill, one that was familiar with the exacting standards of archival academic medical publications.  Multimed stood above all alternatives as the single publisher most able to meet our publication requirements”
~Michael D. Mills
Editor-In-Chief Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics (2005 - 2008)

Post Production

Multimed’s many years of experi­ence and acquired expertise with publish­ing processes,  printing and scholarly databases, uniquely positions Multimed to meet your journal’s needs.

Our commitment to ensuring your journal is well positioned in the medical community, will both build on your past successes, while creating opportunities for future achievements.

Our Post Production Services include:

Deposit to Scholarly Databases and Indexes

  • Multimed has extensive knowledge of the various scholarly databases available to journals. We can assist in determining the appropriate time to apply for an index or database, and which ones are important
  • Once your journal is accepted into a database, we  will provide the necessary metadata and XML file submissions to update and maintain the journal in the index on an ongoing basis

Printing and distribution

Multimed offers traditional printing services and can provide efficient and cost effective distribution worldwide.