“We needed a publisher with special talents and skill, one that was familiar with the exacting standards of archival academic medical publications.  Multimed stood above all alternatives as the single publisher most able to meet our publication requirements”
~Michael D. Mills
Editor-In-Chief Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics (2005 - 2008)


Supplements are an ideal way to publish abstract books, proceedings, results of meetings or seminars, product launches, post-conference reports, and other similar material. Multimed Inc. has long been involved in providing in-depth information in professional supplements that can be distributed to medical professionals in varying fields and specialties.

Similarly, Multimed has built close relationships with various patient communities by distributing educational supplements to patients and their families about various diseases.  An important part of the recovery process is receiving support from others who have been through a similar experience and sharing one’s own experiences. Patient education supplements published by Multimed Inc. offer easy-to-understand facts and discussions that help patients to reach a better understanding of their disease while helping both themselves and loved ones deal with their illness.

If you choose to develop a supplement with Multimed, your logo and by-line will appear prominently in the issue, as will the names of the contributors you solicit. Multimed’s editorial team, advertising representative, and marketing coordinator will all work with you to produce your supplement and to bring it to press. Full communication and feedback from Multimed and the Product Manager are the rule at all stages. The finished supplement will not only be mailed to the journal circulation of your choice, but also to any mailing list provided by your company. Our aim is to work with you to create outstanding educational supplements aimed at patients and professionals alike.

Supplements may be published in electronic (softcopy) format only, in hardcopy format only, or in both electronic and print format. Requests for shrink-wrapping, shipment of copies directly to the sponsoring company, or sending the supplement to specific chapters of patient support groups can be accommodated.

For more information about publishing supplements with Multimed, please contact the Project Manager at heather_shand@multi-med.com